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          Founded in 1951, the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters advocates for public adjuster education and a high standard of professional conduct. NAPIA members are committed to working in the best interest of their clients and to conducting business with integrity.

          For more than 69 years, public adjusters throughout the United States have joined together for the purpose of education, certification, ethics, legal and legislative representation, networking, and promotion of the public adjusting profession. w加速器官网地址

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            FPCC 2022

            10/12/2022 to 10/14/2022 EDT

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          • COVID-19 Information for Adjusters (June 30)

            Use LINK to access helpful COVID-19 (coronavirus) information for adjusters. Updates are ongoing ...   Read More »

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            Jodie A. Papa of National Fire Adjustment Company, Inc. in Buffalo, NY is the new NAPIA President. Read More »

          • NAPIA Member Dues Revised

            The NAPIA Board of Directors recently met to consider a revision to the annual dues for Public Adjuster Member Firms. The purpose of the revision was to simplify the dues structure and make it equitable for small, medium and large firms.  Read More »